First ink colour included in price.

Ink colours: Black | Blue | Ash Blue | Purple | Magenta | Red | Ask Pink | Brown | Yellow | Green

Inking the stamp

  • Place the wooden stamp base onto a flat, level work surface, with the stamp image facing upwards.
  • Apply ink on top of the lines you want to ink.
  • Wait for about five to ten minutes (depending on the stamp design) to give the ink a chance to absorb into the stamp.
  • You can use multiple colours on a single stamp. However, if you do, be sure to provide space between different text and illustration items to ensure that two different colours of ink don’t become mixed together.
  • Use a scrap piece of paper to test the stamp. Make several impressions to ensure excess ink is removed from the stamp.
  • Additional ink can be applied as needed.


You can buy different stamp images that slide onto the same wooden stamp base (of the same size).

Stamps available in 7 different sizes: 15mm x 15mm | 15mm x 30mm | 15mm x 60mm | 30mm x 30mm | 30mm x 60mm | 45mm x 45mm | 45mm x 90mm